admission process

your straight-Forward guide to becoming a josephian

fill-out required information


Fill-out and attach the required information here.

SPS review enrolment application

  • checks admission policy compliance
  • review and verifies submitted credentials once accepted, migration to S3 for student's ID number
  • email the student for confirmation of online registration

medical examination report submission


For students under CCJE & MA, email here the medical examination from the nearest accredited clinicto the School Nurse, the School Nurse will provides an approval slip to the dean.

partial payment


Pay the downpayment via Palawan or BPI

proof of payment


Email the proof of payment to the cashier and wait for the confirmation.

fill-out required information

Email payment confirmation to the student, cc Dean, Registrar

college dean evaluation

  • Check the down payment, priority subjects, credentials, and medical approval slip (for students under CCJE & MA Depts.)
  • Assigned faculty/staff register and print the approved subjects in the S3 ARIS.
  • Verifies the printed Pre-enrollment Form and submits it to the Registrar's Office for checking of enrolled subjects and submitted credentials.
  • Confirms the down payment and submits it to the Assessment Office.

assessment office


Printing of COE, email a copy of Certificate of Enrollment to the student, Dean and Registrar.



Student acknowledges the receipt of COE by replying to the received email.