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SJIT welcomes visitors to this brand-new website. Our primary goal in launching this new website is to provide the public with the latest information and interactive services through an improved and a handful of navigation features.

– Dr. Leticia Salas, CEO / President

president's message

This new website provides our stakeholders with an easier way to learn about SJIT programs, plans, and services and allows visitors to browse information user-friendly.

The website features essential information about the school history, the school's values, the educational programs from the Basic Education (BE), Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), and Undergraduate to the Graduate School program offerings and services. It also highlights accomplishments in the different areas of instruction, research, and community extension services. The Library Resources, Partners, and Alumni Updates sections are also included for more comprehensive and accessible information.

Amongst the many features, this website showcases the One-Stop Student Services (OSSS), where information is accessed, and services can be transacted in real-time. These items include the Requirements, Retention Policy, Processes, Scholarships, Schedules, Frequently Asked Questions, Payment Facilities, and Forms.

Embedded also in the website is the Facebook button to foster fast and improved communication with our stakeholders. We will constantly update our content with the latest information, articles, and news, making the overall experience impactful. Let’s get connected. Be engaged with SJIT.

the executives

prof. nicole joy salas

executive vice president

Dr. Levita B. Grana

vp academic, research & extension

department heads

Dr. Leticia Salas

CEO , President , Dean, Graduate School

Dr. Marjune Millones

Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education

Dr. Josefa Canoy

Dean, College of Business & Information Technology , Ph.D. Program Head

Dr. Elizabeth Baguio

Dean, College of Education , MAED Program Head

Capt. Edric Aspilla

Dean, Maritime Academy

Ms. Zita Duran

Principal, Senior High School

Dr. Liz Irish Villamor

Principal, Basic Education , MAED-EM Coordinator

Prof. Mariane L. Nala

OIC-Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

head of offices

Maricel Berino

Head Librarian

Ms. Rebonita Sasuman

Finance Officer , ETEEAP Coordinator

Estefanie Abancia

Assistant Registrar

Ms. Esperanza Cedeño

Assessment Officer , Scholarship Coordinator

Ms. Ma. Luzviminda Bajade

Human Resource & Development Officer

Richard Cabualan

Building Maintenance & Transportation Officer

Vinson Cagas

Student Personnel Services - OIC