Programs Offered

Civil Engineering


The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is a five-year degree program which provides the students with specialized knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics, Physical and Social Sciences, together with principles and procedures of civil engineering trainings to enable the students to master the fundamentals and specialized skills on construction, management engineering, water-resource engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, soil analysis, and engineering materials.


Mechanical engineering is a program that deals on number of basic and applied sciences transforming it to design, building, and improvement. The concept and theory applies to the devices, machines, processes and systems that involve work, energy, and any mechanical forces. It also emphasizes on the study of efficient energy transformation of one form to another as well as the behavior of solids, liquids and gases.

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


The electrical engineering is a program that deals with the study of applied science and use of technology that involves electrical phenomena. The focus at the early stage of this program is for the student to build a good foundation in areas of mathematics and physical science. The orientation of the learning is gearing towards the understanding of the basic theory and concepts needed for many activities in the profession including as such to design, operations and management, teaching, sales and consultancy.


The program provides structure that will allow the full enrichment of the student as groundwork in their professional life as electronics and communications engineers. The curriculum provides an extremely wide appreciation of exciting activities and opportunities in the fields of telecommunications and electronics engineering. It also includes topics on device physics, device operation, design of integrated circuits, communications and networks systems, audio and video processing, robotics, electromagnetic and antenna systems and electronic materials.

Electronics and Communication Engineering



The architecture program is designed to steer the student in progressively understand and appreciate the technical aspects of Architecture while internalizing in him sensitivity to his cultural heritage and rich. It also aims to ripen a competitive individual geared up to meet the challenges and the continuous evolution of the profession. The program combines theoretical and practical aspects focused on the most advantageous development of the student’s analytical and creative skills. He is given access to wide range of information technology and the use of advanced electronic media to enhance his research and communication capabilities. In addition, while developing the student’s individual skills in developing and giving solutions, team approach to problem-seeking and problem-solving is also given an encouragement especially in their senior years. The essentiality of this approach is in developing group interaction and collaborative techniques in enhancing the learning process.

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