Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, Basic Education envisioned to become a dynamic and progressive Basic Education that holistically developed independent lifelong learners with 21 st century skills in Caraga Region in particular and in the Philippines in general.


To mold the students to become well-rounded individuals with great minds and character as members of the society and to inspire them with a lifelong love of learning, challenging and rigorous curriculum, and empowering them with global competitive skills.



Saint Joseph Institute of Technology Basic Education is dedicated of transforming kindergarten through 12 th -grade (K-12) education by meeting the needs of all learners with excellent programs so all students can thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. It focuses on becoming a whole person that help students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, skills and beliefs to achieve their full potential.




Our preschool is committed to develop a child’s competence in all areas of development in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities that will enhance the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development and an abiding respect for the individual child’s uniqueness.



  1. To provide elementary education suited for the relevant stage of their physical and mental development.
  2. To allow integral development of the learners` through fundamental knowledge that contributes to the progressive development and be able to attain secondary education.
  3. To promote the overall development of learners and their integration into society through basic learning, which will contribute to the progressive development of their autonomy and prepare them for the level of learning required in secondary school.
  4. To provide learners the opportunities to acquire mastery of basic competencies.



  1. To provide students the secondary education suited to the relevant stage of their physical and mental development, based on the education they have received in elementary school.
  2. To promote the overall development of students, to foster their social integration and to help them determine personal and career tracks.
  3. To pursue senior high school education.



We are committed at forming our students, who are both prepared for college and employment, conversant with the changing times, lifelong learners, academically competent, critically aware and socially responsible agents of change.

  1. To develop students leadership abilities that are anchored on SJIT core values to become socially responsible.
  2. To develop creativity and critical thinking, the art of effective communication, problem solving skills and research aptitudes that meet higher learning standards.
  3. To develop functional knowledge across a range of learning areas and technical skills in chosen career tracks with advanced competencies in communication, scientific, critical and creative thinking; and the use of technologies.
  4. To develop appreciation of the need to establish interconnection among various academic disciplines, knowledge and skills, linkages and networks that sustain growth and social transformation.
  5. To prepare students for the world of work, entrepreneurship or higher education according to their field of interest.

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