BSMT is a four year degree program that will train the students in performing and fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of marine deck officers including navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling the ship and vessel's safety operation with sufficient knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and values in compliance with the national and international requirements particularly the 2010 STCW Convention, as amended and such other international laws and conventions.

  1. Merchant Marine Profession
  2. Maritime Industry
    • Ship building and repair
    • Ship operation and management
    • Port operations and management
    • Ship surveying and inspection
    • Offshore industry
  3. Maritime Education and Training
  4. Government
    • Philippine Navy
    • Philippine Coast Guard
    • Maritime Industry Authority
  1. High School graduate
  2. Pass the admission test:
    • IQ Test
    • Personality Test
    • Math, Science and English Aptitude Test
    • Pass the Pre-Employment Medical Examination for seafarers following the requirements under Regulation I/9 of the STCW