Master in Public Service Management (MPSM) is a professional post - graduate degree in public administration. It prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive arm of local / national government as well as in non - government organizations. The study gives focus on the systematic investigation of executive organization and management. Instruction includes the development, roles and principles of public administration and management. The program provides students the knowledge skills and values for functioning careers at different levels of responsibility.

The core curriculum of the Master in Public Service Management includes courses on economics, public fiscal administration, policy process and policy analysis, financial management, managerial accounting and control, leadership, research methods and statistics.

The whole program requires a total of 39 units: 9 units of core subjects, 18 units of major and 6 units of cognates and 6 units of thesis writing or 6 units of Integrating Course (IC) for non - thesis program.

Master's candidates for graduation are required to pass a comprehensive examination and complete a thesis or an action research / feasibility study / project proposal for a non - thesis program. The candidates are required to defend and pass the oral defense of their thesis or action research / feasibility study project proposal for non - thesis candidates.

MPSM graduates currently serve in important positions within the public sector and in some non - government institutions. Civil Service have raised their standards for the educational qualification (EQ) area. Positions such as department heads already require a master's degree.

MPSM graduates are qualified to be professors in related tertiary level courses in public administration and other relevant courses. They are qualified to be program heads in Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

Obtaining a Master's degree program in Master in Public Service Management provides opportunities for occupying higher level positions in government as well as in non - government institutions.

Others, who are already in the service, pursue graduate study in order to comply with requirements of the positions they are presently occupying or suffer the consequence of stagnation in the present position / designation. Obtaining a Master's degree gives one a feeling of success and fulfillment in one's career.

Knowledge products of the Management program in SJIT are now serving various positions in government. Graduates are managers of government banks, directors of government agencies and heads of departments in the local government units. The program is mentored by high caliber faculty experienced, experts in their field, educationally qualifies committed and value - oriented. Their competence greatly influences the quality and outcomes of their students.

Admission to the MPSM requires a bachelor's degree with suffciently high grades, taking an OLSAT G Level exam and an interview with the dean.

Local Government Units (LGU) government line agencies are our partner in the Graduate School. Our graduate students come from them and they are the beneficiaries of our graduates.

Scholarships are also granted to our graduate students by some local government units.