Saint Joseph Institute of Technology started offering engineering programs on 1981 with Civil and Mechanical Engineering. With the increase in number of engineering students and the demand of other engineering discipline, Electrical Engineering and Architecture was then offered on 1983. Four years after, Electronics & Communication Engineering (now Electronics Engineering) and Computer Engineering was then offered to complete the current six programs of the College of Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture graduates of SJIT has been in demand not only in the local industry but as well as employment abroad. Experienced, dynamic and highly competent CEA faculty members are molding engineering and architecture students to become globally competitive through Outcomes-Based Education system

With state of the art training equipment and laboratory facilities, truly engineering and architecture education in SJIT is at it's best.

The College of Engineering and Architecture of SJIT commits to transform students to become technical professionals who are competent, creative, responsible, accountable, socially and environmentally involved individuals who will significantly contribute to the growth and development to the wide community particularly in Caraga Region.

The College of Engineering and Architecture, in consonance with the vision of SJIT, shall be the prime source of technical professionals in Northern Mindanao who will lead to serve for the Filipino nation and the global community

BS Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is perhaps the broadest of all the engineering fields,as it deals with the creation, improvement, and protection of the communal environment, providing facilities for living, industry, and transport. read more»

BS Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a profession that concerns itself with mechanical design, energy conversion fuel and combustion technologies, heat transfer, materials noise control and acoustics, manufacturing processes, rail transportation, automatic, machineries, control, product safety and reliability, solar energy, and technological impacts to society. read more»

BS Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. It also deals with the design, operation and protection, maintenance and economics of electrical systems with emphasis on ethical values to harness economically and safely the materials, and forces of nature for the benefit of society and the environment. read more»

BS Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering is a high technology field bringing together rapid developments in electronics and communications such as broadcasting. Electronics and Communications Engineers design wire and wireless communications systems, develop television transmission, digital and fiber optic technologies. They enable the development of the Internet and produced cellular mobile telephone networks. They have also made possible communications satellite systems, the satellite-based global positioning system (GPS), and advanced military and commercial radar systems and multichannel digital radio and television broadcasting systems. read more»

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering program combines key aspects of electrical engineering and computer science. Students learn the fundamentals of circuits, systems, and software associated with the design of programmable systems as used for general purpose computing, communications, control, or signal processing. read more»

BS Architecture

The Architecture Program of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology is an undergraduate, five-year program designed to expose students on the socio-cultural, environmental, historical, artistic, scientific, and technical aspects of Architecture and built environment. read more»