The establishment of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology is a dream and vision fulfilled. The institute is a product of a remarkable and splendid dream of a young and enterprising man of Candijay Bohol whose preoccupation and primary interest in life was driven by reaching out the youth through education as the key that opens the door towards progress and quality of life to the least of the people in Butuan City and its neighboring provinces. The young man who founded the school and became the first president was Dr. Nicomedes A. Salas.

SJIT, from humble beginning, out of scarcity started in 1971 in a rented two-storey building, made of wood, equipped with old few typewriters and old sewing machines that Dr. Nicomedes out of small savings bought in Surigao City. Included was a set of basic furniture for a classroom which became the learning hub of the first 130 students enrolled in two semesters for vocational/technical skills working a faculty complement of (3) three who could start the tinkering and learning of basic livelihood skills.

With a span of a decade from its small beginnings, SJIT has expanded tremendously with an increasing trend of enrolment, courses offered and the construction of five-storey and six-storey buildings equipped with the latest state of the art facilities, equipment, instructional technologies and laboratories and fully air-conditionedclassrooms.Concomitant to this change "from scarce beginnings to sustainable growth, " SJIT has expanded its infrastructure to what is now one of the mostimposing and impressive schools in the region. The program offerings were remarkable that they expanded from just the vocational-technical skills based to professional - technical courses to include among other the marine engineering, marine transportation, engineering and architecture, information technology, nursing, business and management and criminology as well as humanities and arts and sciences and education. The rate of enrolment rolled 40 times over from the starting enrolment of 130 students in 1971. In barely a span of 2 decades, the enrolment of SJIT hit over 5000 mark. Its program expanded to include Master's and Doctoral programs and the complete basic education curriculum.

Amidst the agony of loss when the first president and founder died, Dr. Leticia C. Salas, took his place and became the second president and chief executive officer of the institute. Determined to steer the institution to meet the challenges to the greater heights of growth and success, strategic moves for accreditation and international certification were conceptualized and realized. This was their commitment and a stand that "SJIT must continue to grow as time marches on". While the loss of the first president could have toppled and crushed the life of a flourishing school dedicated to "Education at its Best", the turn and twist of events proved otherwise.

With economic pinch, the competitiveness of the service industry, the stringent demands of the "global village" with the complexity and facility of information communication and technology (ICT), SJIT soars and steers through the waves and winds of change to where it is today, enjoying the blessing, and the grace of God. With the ISO CERTIFICATION from a well known international certifying bodies - DET NORSKE VERITAS and TUV OF RHEINLAND and two accrediting bodies namely :PACUCOA and ACSCU-AI, SJIT, like an eagle continues to soar high, flapping its wings to make a difference by responding to global trends through quality education and trainings.


Leading and serving in the transformation of the human person for total human development.


A dynamic and progressive Higher Education Institution towards the building of quality of life in Caraga Region.


Empowering competent, accountable, socially and environmentally responsible individuals and promoting cultural, moral and ethical values throughlifelong learning

In the pursuit of the Life Purpose, Vision and Mission of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, we pledge to demonstrate:

  1. Passion for excellence
  2. Critical thinking and sound judgment in the quest for knowledge
  3. Creativity, resourcefulness, perseverance, patience, prudence and hard work in the discharge of one's function and responsibility
  4. A wholesome work environment through teamwork, fellowship and camaraderie
  5. Self-discipline, loyalty, obedience, professionalism, and work ethics of life in Caraga Region
  1. Physical and emotional wellness
  2. Honesty, integrity, dignity and simplicity
  3. Respect for human person and genuine concern for others.
  4. Stewardship of time, resources, talents and relationships.
  5. Love of God, country and fellowmen

Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, an educational institution in Caraga region, Philippines maintains a quality management system in compliance with the local, national and international quality standards. The school commits to provide training, growth and development of both internal and external customers that met the requirements and exceed their expectations. It envisions of becoming a dynamic and caring Higher Education Institution in the region through the following :

  • ★ Competitive and qualified human resources.
  • ★ Empowerment of personnel and students in their respective functions.
  • ★ Implementation of Outcome-Based education.
  • ★ Provision of highly adequate infrastructure, training facilities and learning resources.
  • ★ Quality instruction responsive to the needs of the students and industry requirements.
  • ★ Active involvement of students and faculty in research and community extension services as well as in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • ★ Continual improvement of quality management system.